Geekbench 6.3 is now available for download.

The latest version of Primate Labs’ cross-platform benchmark features the following changes:

  • Introduce support for Arm Scalable Matrix Extensions (SME) instructions. Geekbench 6.3 includes SME implementations of the matrix multiplication kernels used by the Geekbench 6 machine learning workloads.
  • Reduce Horizon Detection run-to-run variability. On Android devices running Geekbench 6.2 and earlier, Horizon Detection demonstrated significant run-to-run variability.. This issue is fixed in Geekbench 6.3.
  • Disable OpenCLOn12. OpenCLOn12 causes the Geekbench application to crash at launch on recent hardware (e.g., Intel Meteor Lake laptops). Support for OpenCLOn12 is disabled until the underlying issues in OpenCLOn12 are fixed.

For systems without SME instructions, Geekbench 6.3 CPU Benchmark scores are comparable with Geekbench 6.1 and Geekbench 6.2 scores. Systems with SME instructions enabled will score higher in Geekbench 6.3 than in earlier Geekbench versions.. Geekbench 6.3 GPU Benchmark scores are compatible with Geekbench 6.2 for all systems.

Geekbench 6.3 is a recommended update for all Geekbench 6 users.